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​We can work with any project – All residential and commercial metal roofing systems

Euro Tray, Zinc Cladding, Wall Cladding

Standing Seam

Fascia, Gutters and Downpipes

Roof Repairs and Maintenance

New roofs, Re-roofs and renovations

Specialised services for architectural builds

Roofing Craftsmen provides specialised roofing cladding services for architectural builds. Our team are qualified and supplier preferred installers of a wide range of profiled metal cladding, including, Espan, Spanlock, Heritage Tray and many others.

Commercial Roofing and Cladding Projects

We offer a wide range of commercial roofing services, from large scale commercial builds to smaller projects and maintenance. We adhere to a strict health and safety policy for specific site safety and ensure our staff engage in any training and preparation required by our clients.

Re-roofs, renovations and more

It's important for us to get the best out of your roof for you. Not just cosmetically, but functionally as well. Our team has the skillset and knowledge to assess the structure of your roof before beginning a project, to ensure we use the correct method and products. This will also guarantee optimal results.

We can assess all or any current issues with your roof and offer the best and most suitable options for repair and maintenance.

Fascia, Gutters and downpipes

We offer all metal fascia and gutter services including customised fascia, traditional gutters with mitred corners and options for modern gutter solutions. We can supply and install all pvc, coloured aluminium or metal downpipes and traditional mitred metal pipes.

We have a large range of roofing solutions and roofing products, carefully selected from reputable suppliers

Including Espan, Spanlock, Heritage Tray and many others.

We can find the right solution for your roofing project, commercial scale, or small project.

We know that every project is different, that’s why our consultation is obligation free. Our friendly team will be in contact with you to discuss your needs.